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Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions relate to the web site known as 'The Jigsaw (Puzzle) Doctor Custom Jigsaw Puzzles' (also referred to as 'the web site' in these terms and conditions) - provided by Quantum Enterprises.



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500 and 1,000 piece puzzles
Our larger puzzles are printed in several sections. The 500 piece puzzles are printed in 2 sections and the 1,000 piece puzzles are printed in 4 sections. Whilst we make every effect to ensure that the print alignment is exact, there is usually a small offset of up to 2mm between the separately printed sections. This will not affect the overall look of the completed puzzle, but you should be aware of this when the images on pieces seems to mismatch slightly around the centre lines.

Loss of original photos in the mail
The customer accepts that Quantum Enterprises will not be held liable in any way for loss or damage of customer property in the mail, from either the mailing of original photographs to Quantum Enterprises, or the mailing of photographs back to the customer. The customer accepts full responsibility for any losses or damage when mailing their property to Quantum Enterprises, no matter what value (monetary or sentimental) that the item(s) may have.
Quantum Enterprises strongly recommends that the customer does not send irreplaceable original photographs to us.
If you do supply original photographs that are to be returned with your jigsaw, the customer should consider using a service such as 'Signed For' or 'Special Delivery'.

The customer confirms that either that they have copyright ownership, or permission to use, any images supplied for custom printed jigsaws.

Wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces